Arizona Pet Grooming Tips

Arizona Pet Grooming Tips

You don’t have to live here, to know it’s HOT in Arizona, especially  in the summer. Our pets are family and we can’t forget some key reasons to bring your dog to PAWS Salon for grooming this summer.

  1. High Temps – With the weather comes high temps, and dogs capable of a summer cut, can benefit from less hair on their body. Overheating and dehydration can happen very quickly! Be safe, have the hair trimmed back for safety and comfort
  2. Nail Trim – Walking on the concrete and pathways can be difficult during the summer, and your dog’s nails can grow too long without regular filing, that might happen during a walk. You can come in for nails only or have them trimmed during a bath and or grooming.
  3. Fleas and Ticks can bring havoc to you and your pets. With the great trips to the beach you can pick up fleas, and before you know it they are in your house. With the monsoons here is Arizona, the ticks will fool you and visit your yard when the rains come. So schedule a bath and grooming when you get home from the beach, and after the rain, to be sure you won’t have the fleas and ticks at your house.
  4. Matting – With all that fun in the sun, your dog might be in the pool to! So watch for matting to occur as they go in and out of the pool and roll on the grass. You may not want they as short as the matting will cause, so be sure to brush out with a comb after the pool.
  5. Second opinion – Unexpected events can happen during the summer, from boarding away from home, to traveling to vacation destinations, and if you need a set of eyes that is familiar with your pet, your dog groomer might be a great person to ask. Summer brings sunburns, burns or injured paw pads, broken nails, ear infections, fleas and ticks, coat maintenance, etc.

So don’t forget to call PAWS Salon today to schedule your summer trimming. We hope to help make your summer a fun one for you and your pet. Call 480-990-8070.

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